Mar 14, 201773 views

leather/canvas camera messenger bags that doesn't look like a camera bag?

any recommendations other than the classic ONA and billinghams? I'm using a filson briefcase now with a padded insert. its a bit tight though because the filson is a thinner bag, even though I'm shooting with a small mirrorless.

You can just buy any suitably sized canvas messenger bag you like, then use your padded insert. Or get another slimmer padded insert.
For recommendation, look at Think Tank Retrospective, they're really nice.
Another option would be padded wraps which I use; they're very versatile, great with mirrorless and small cameras alike. I just wrap what I need then put them into my everyday regular messenger bag. Its called Domke Wrap, similar to a lens pouch but the wrap more versatile. I also use lens pouches by Porta Brace for any lens and other stuff here and there, but if a mirrorless is all I'm carry, the wrap is all I need for enough protection in any of my bags