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Can this be linked with a TV to take over a TV’s speakers? I have the Beosound Balance that does not work properly with a TV unless (as I understand it) one kind of Jerry rigs it by running it through an Apple TV. I haven’t tried that yet, but seems to be an extra step that is a pain. Will this only work with a TV using an Apple TV or will it work off the bat?


Jun 10, 2024
Thank you very much. I appreciate your taking the time to answer!!
Jun 10, 2024
This and the Balance are probably not a very good choice as a television speaker. With television, it's all about direction and isolating sounds to a single area (well defined soundstage). These speakers tend to be more omnidirectional. They sound fabulous - I'm just not sure I'd use them for television (and I have both Balance and a 1st generation Beosound 2). For the same amount of money, the Beosound Stage is a far better choice for television (it's built for that). Sorry, I didn't answer your question about connectivity. If I were guessing, it probably would require some odd ball connection - there is no eARC HDMI connector on the Beosound 2 (the Stage has that connection). So you would have to use a physical audio connector. They dropped the 3mm jack, and opted for audio over USB-C, and Bluetooth (the ethernet cable is for networking, not audio). So your television would have to output audio over USB-C - and there's a high probability it doesn't do that. There's nothing Jerry rigging about using an Apple TV with USB-C audio output - it is a real source that works out of that box. It's just your television doesn't do USB-C audio.
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