Massdrop Hub Update

Thank you to everyone in the community for helping make the launch of Massdrop Hub and the new communities such a success.
A major piece of feedback we received during the new communities launch process was that members had difficulty finding drops being tested in a new community, and that they weren’t alerted of new drops as they went live. We’ve thought a lot about how to best address these issues while also keeping the process of incubating new communities intact, and now we’re going to try a different approach.
Starting tomorrow evening, we will remove the “Drops” and “Discover” tabs from Massdrop Hub and will instead launch all new communities with a “Beta” tag. Any new communities will wear the “Beta” tag while they are in the incubation phase, and after gaining some momentum will launch as full communities.
Doing this will allow members to more easily discover the community, its drops, and its discussions, while also giving them the ability to subscribe right away. All of this should help keep things more focused and accessible to everyone interested in any new communities that may come up.
Once the Discover and Drop sections drop off, the Massdrop Hub Talk section will remain as the central location for community announcements, Massdrop announcements, and general discussion.
Thank you.

Mar 16, 2017
This is awesome, I love to see improvements
Mar 16, 2017
Nice, great move forward.
Sounds good! Pleases to see continual forward movement with all of this!