Mar 18, 201780 views

open back pair of headphone for $200 OR LESS

hey guys looking for a pair or open back headphones for mostly pc gaming and music listening. its mostly gonna be on my desktop so maybe something that dosent require a amp/dac but if you think its really worth it i wont mind buying one. I heard good things about the ob-1 but any other suggeestions?

Hi there
You can pick up a pair of used fidelio x2 for under 200 great for gaming. I own a pair and would say for the price they are great and don't need an amp to sound good. might be worth a look.
At $200 you won't get much. Consider a Schiit Modi 2 / Magni 2 stack, a Jitterbug and a Superlux HD600B. That will get you into a strong lo-fi class and provide an upgrade path for when/if you're ready to move into mid-fi.