Mar 20, 2017578 views

better ear pads for m50x?

hey guys im looking for some better earpads for my audio technica ath-m50x cause the stock ones i find uncomftable over long periods of time. any suggestion on some ones that dont change the sound signature as much as the brainwaves and also make some that arent so humongous looking. velour if possible thank you in advance.

The Deconi premium ones that being dropped here sometimes are my favorite ones so far. I did find it's sound contributions a bit negative at first but now I really like it, I guess I adjusted to it. On the picture you can see them installed vs the generic velour pads[also from Massdrop] which matches the original pads in shape fairly close and it's sound signature as well. The Deconi might have a tad bit more mid bass and less overall treble. I also used a bit of an EQ to smooth things out. I also have 2 Brainwavs models one angled and one that looks like the Deconi, but they completely destroy the bass IMO. Anyway that's my recommendation. ;)