Mar 21, 2017117 views

Speaker Set Under 200 Dollars?

Hey reader,
I'm trying to start a speaker system and I'm wanting to get started into surround sound speakers, but for now I'm looking for a set of speakers around 200 dollars. Any suggestions? And I don't want to sound like I'm a audiophile, but I want to become one because I am into audio and music, but if you have any suggestions, please let me know. :)

Depending on whether your need self-powered speakers or passive speakers (need separate amp/receiver) I would suggest the following: Powered: Kanto Yumi (will need to look for a sale/drop to get in under $200) or the Audioengine a2+ Passive: Elac B5 or Pioneer SP-BS22-LR (former a little over and the latter a little under budget)
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Thank you so much for those suggestions. I like them all, especially the Pioneers. Thank you. :)
Enjoy your first foray into this rabbit hole! To pieces of advice: 1) Give any new gear some time before passing judgement 2) Don't let hyped up reviews lead you to "chase the audio dragon" some people are extremely happy with a modest investment, others spend thousands.