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In-Ears between 100 and 200 Dollar

any recommendations for good alround in-ears. I like to listen acoustic music, but also house, rock, pop.
Mic would be nice to have, no must have.

Pinnacle P1 may be one of the best values out there. Excellent metal build with 2 very nice stock cables, one with a mic and one without. They have fantastic bass extension, and velvet mids. They are a little bright with the highs with the silicone tips. Try the Comply foam tips and you should be golden.
Fiio EX1 gen II. It's better than the GR07 Bass Edition, which I happen to own as well.
I don't have any in-ears with a mic in that price range but if it helps I'm a fan of the following: 1) Audio-Technica CKR9 if you like even keeled but deep bass, upfront vocals and a present but not strident top end (could go CKR10 for warmer and bassier version) 2) GR07 Classic - flattened v-shape, sound fairly neutral and have amazing bang for your buck at $100. They released the GR07x at $180 that is supposed to be a improved version that lives up to the price increase.
At just a tad over that (and one of my favorite sub $500 pairs) is the Sony MDR-7550. Reminds be a bit of the HE-500 from the bass through the mids but the mid to upper treble is recessed. Good for fans of the HE-500, HD650 and to some extent the X2