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New Community Mega Thread: Knitting

Quilting is one of our longer-established communities, and over the years, we’ve seen a lot of surveys and polls from quilters requesting a dedicated community for knitting. In light of that, we’re excited to introduce Knitting as the newest community on Massdrop, launching on Wednesday, March 29.
Because a number of knitting drops and polls have appeared recently in Quilting and done well, we won’t be doing the testing phase for this new community.
In Knitting, you’ll be able to shop for yarn, needles, notions, and other tools and accessories. This will also be a place for everyone to share their knitting projects and discuss different materials and techniques.
We’re looking forward to watching this community grow, and we’ll be hanging out in this discussion to see what you all have to say. Comment below and let us know what you’d like to see next in Knitting.

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Mirmir37, NHursey, and 40 others

Oh no!! I’m in serious trouble now. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Would love to see the ex-large Wooley knitting yarns and 25 gauge circular knitting needles [ie: 50mm .
Can we add crochet, or call this a fiber love type of community? Why limit to just knitting? I think you'd get more love and options if you make it additional hobbies involving yarn/fiber.
Love the idea of knitting accessories- stitch markers, yarn bowls or caddies, cable needles, and of course the high end interchangable needles!
I would love the chiaogoo interchangeableneedle sets (metal) in mini and complete.
I would like to see more high-quality yarns. More of what you would see at an LYS and less of the Big Box stuff like Bernat. Examples: Lorna's Laces Madelinetosh Malabrigo Berroco Blue Moon Fiber Arts
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Yes!! Completely agree!
Yes, please! I'm not the best knitter in the world, but with the hours and hours I spend honing this craft, I'd like to end up with a decent garment. I'm so over plastic in clothes. I want to feel a lovely, natural yarn going through my fingers while I knit and crochet. In general, I'm trying to cut down on plastic use as much as possible. I'd love to see exclusive colors in cashmere and other fancy yarns. Classic cashmere colors are often kind of boring.
Would love to see some of these: Mercerized Cotton Yarn (Tahki, Rico Design) Cotton Yarn (Blue Sky Fibers) Yarn bowls Mandala Yarn (Lion Brand) Whirl (Scheepjes) Furls Fiberarts
Whole bolts of Zegna fabric. Also, crafty woman to make said suit.
Oh this community is going to be baaaaad for my bank account! Loving the drops so far.
Zippered storage pouches for interchangeable needle sets. A couple zippered pouches inside to hold the cables and other tools as well.
I want to get started just doing some basic sewing repairs on my clothes so I can save some scratch and gain a useful skill. Any recommendations about how to start learning how to do sewing repairs?
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Sewing with Nancy. You can watch any of her videos for free. Lots of great topics on repairs and alternations.
Oooh, spinning fibers please and thank you. Maybe wheels if we're feeling adventurous.
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Join the dark side!
I would love to learn to spin.. I want to make yarn out of my papillon's hair!
STITCH MARKERS. I could do with a buy for, uh, an embarassing amount...
ChiaoGoo Interchangeables are on my wish list.
Any chance that this will get crochet stuff too? Although the yarn and other accessories can be used for both.
Hi @weeksja3, as of now, we are going to be including all fiber arts products under knitting. Thanks for reaching out!
Maybe change the name to fiber arts or something? Just a suggestion!
WOOHOO! Thank you, guys!
I'd love to see a ball winder! I usually wind my hanks of yarn at the same shop I buy them from, but it would be nifty to be able to do it at home.
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oh YES!!
My winder is firmly attached to my desk that has the computer on it. Any time the ball of yarn gets messed up or if I frog any project, the yarn gets wind up again....sometimes again.
Signature Arts knitting needles anyone??
I think yarns might be a bit difficult to massdrop (prove me wrong!) but there are so many exciting knitting tools that could be on offer!!
I can't wait!!!
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If you do yarns by the bag (not unreasonable for your average sweater project), it's not hard to do a group buy. Plus it ensures your skeins are all the same dyelot- win-win!
I love Signature Arts knitting needles! Would love to see them offered.
Looking forward to Knitting!
Please don't forget about crochet. Crocheters use all the same yarn and have patterns for almost everything you can knit as well. Offering crochet hooks and patterns as well would be nice.
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I would like to see both hook storage solutions as well as wool blended yarn. Some patterns would be nice as well.
Handcrafted hooks Ergonomic grips to add to hooks Hooks with ergo grips Roll up hook cases Project bags Hand balm that won't hurt wool Yarn cutter medallions that aren't cheap or ugly
Would this include crochet hooks and crochet stuff? I do both, and a general yarn-crafting community might not be bad.
Hi @Silvanuyx, Yes, it will include crochet items and also more fiber arts products such as weaving. Thank you for reaching out!
Drops wishlist for Knitting: - Knitter's Graph Paper Journal - Brooklyn Tweed yarns thanks!
Hi @CKToby, Thank you for the call out! Keep the product lists coming and we'll work to source them for the community!