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Power amps and preamps

I would like to see Massdrop carry some high quality, but inexpensive dedicated power amps and preamps instead of the integrated amps or DAC combos. For example, digital power amps based upon ICE technology, or analog amps based on vacuum tubes or mosfets.
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Love to see good linear power supplies here. The $400-1000 prices I have seen are too much for me. These would be a great alternative to noisy smps for all the folks with 5-12v audio devices.
Amp Camp Amp. $300-350 class A monoblocks designed by Nelson Pass. Can add on linear PSUs in the future to replace the SMPS if you want.
Maybe a built version of this here on Massdrop? Otherwise just get that if you're on a tight budget. Ignore class D crap.
Excellent suggestion. I actually have one of his Adcom 5800 amps he designed a few decades ago. I had it updated to current standards by Musical Design (I think mine was the last one that they did - they no longer work on mosfets, just bipolar trans now).
Are they going to do separates that would br amazing?
Class D Audio makes some nice power amps. I've had only good experiences with mine.
A 'Home Stereo Power Amp' poll is now open!
Yes, I would love to see separate preamp and amp options from quality manufacturers. There are a lot of small brands that would love the exposure and would probably be willing to cut a deal.
Emotiva - everyone knows this one Parasound - US based and also has a good reputation Nuforce (already a Massdrop partner) - several amp and integrated options NuPrime (could be interesting if they're competing against NuForce) Topping - perhaps the most well established of the T-amp choices Bottlehead - DIY amps but could be interesting as they have done mass deal type things before
Thanks for this list! I had not heard of Parasound previously, but I have been on the lookout for a well rated smaller amp, and their Zamp looks right up my alley!
PIONEER A-50DA-K is a fantastic amp on its own but also has sabre sac chip built in. It's perfectly transparent and easily good enough for audiophile snobbery.
But it is an integrated amp...
How about a good quality T-amp? Or a gainclone? I was thinking about something like Clones Audio. Maybe not the company per se but a company willing to build a power amp for Massdrop around the $350-500 range. Every review I've read of the Clones Audio power amps raves about them. The technology isn't new; just careful implementation.
I think this is a good USA brand to check out: http://emotiva.com/products/emotiva-0
I have a home theater processor from them. They are okay. I did not like their support for old time customers. I bought a nice optional remote control from them, which I thought had a long time warranty, but they did not even answer my email regarding repair. So after that, I no longer like them. This was a couple years ago.
I've owned various emotiva gear for the last 10 years, never had an issue. All of it still going quite strong. They have a new entry level line that appears to be a pretty good value... not sure there would be much margin for Massdrop however....
Agreed - it seems the offerings are mainly HP amps/DACs - the occasional speaker pops up now and then, but the amps/pre-amps I haven't seen.
As for power amps - ghentaudio seems like it may fit MassDrops MO - and what the OP was seeking http://www.ghentaudio.com/amp/ga-s125p.html
ICEPower Black or Silver Small footprint - RCA/XLR Inputs 115/220 V power options
Configurations: 125W Stereo 250W Stereo 500W Dual Mono
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I'm down with Ghent amps.
I would even buy a kit mono (2) if came with the ICE modules.
To narrow things down even more can everyone list specific brands, manufacturers, or products they would like to see?
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NAD, Cambridge Audio, Rotel should have enough markup to make it worth a drop. Emotiva recently announced they are ceasing all sales (except B-stock and some exclusives for longtime owners) so there won't be much wiggle room there.
Some of the new Andrew Jones speakers from Elac as well as Wharfdale, KEF (not just powered) and Zu Audio would be nice.
Edited to say I'm not a class D guy... a few shining stars in an ocean of garbage.