Apr 3, 2017321 views

Taccia Kimono Pen Rolls - New Fabrics for 2017!

Hi all!
Our friends at Taccia have been working hard to source some beautiful new fabrics for their Kimono Pen Rolls, and we need your help!
They've provided us with some sumptuous swatches of kimono cloth from Kyoto, and we need the community's help in narrowing down the selection. Below is a link to the poll for you to choose your favorite patterns. Choose from the poly-blend options, and the silk fabrics, as we'll be choosing the top contenders from both fabric types to offer this year.
For anyone not familiar with these gorgeous pen rolls, below are some a photos of last year's patterns in use.
The top choices will be offered as 4-pen, 8-pen rolls, and single pen wraps (new to Massdrop!) so choose your favorites now.

Jimsqueenie, Patti Ramirez, and 8 others

Oh - we don't get to make our own pen rolls? I thought this would just be the fabric and pattern so we could make our own.