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2016 and now

It’s Spring now as of writing this (5th, April 2017). The end of 2016 is still rememberable like it was just last week, for me anyways; it’s April already, time flies indeed. A lot has happened around the world in 2016 and to each of us individually carrying out our daily lives.
Share a piece/slice/highlight or moment etc. of your 2016 with a photo, and another photo in 2017 so far for you.
Here’s mine:
In a cable going over the Truong Son Mountains in Vietnam during Summer. It was very cloudy and foggy while sunny hot at the same time. 2016, Canon 5D III, Canon 24-105mm

Chilly midnight at an underground train station in London. In the middle of Winter. 2017, Sony RX1R II
Start sharing yours - want to know! 😄

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I'll give it a go!
2016 // First trip to the Oregon coast Canon 6D w/ 24-105mm f/4
2017 // Film grab from a walk around the Sunset Canon EOS a2 w/ 50mm f/1.8
Sweet shots, liking the feel of both! especially of the film shot, really feeling that 'walk around'!
thanks! been preferring film lately and always enjoy a casual photo walk around the neighborhood!
January 2016, The River Walk in San Antonio, TX
January 2017, Somewhere in Portland, OR
Sony a6000/SEL50F18. As you can see I am severely restricted by the narrow field of the lens. I am desperate for a quality wide-angle.
Nice shots! I can feel the atmosphere looking at the people sitting outside by the river. It gets you framing, though! The leading lines in your snow photo shows that :D
Get the Sigma 19mm f2.8! Its a solid lens and very sensibly priced.
Yes! I can also say that the Sigma 19mm f.28 is an excellent lens for the price. It is very sharp and has a nice fov on aps-c
Nice shots, I really like the first one. No note on equipment?
Glad you do! Where's yours? ShOW meh/us! ;] I thought it wasn't needed since this is a causal post, but I've just updated it to show it :D