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Totally bored with flippers
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I’m still into folders, just more into thumb stud or round hole openers. I’m new to Massdrop and it seems like an over abundance of flippers here for folders. I do like fixed as well but my needs are met with current blades on hand. Thanks for asking!
Ahhhhh gotcha. I'm still a novice with Blades personally, but I understand what you mean.
Why are liner/frame locks so popular?
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Frame lock are ugly knifes to me. I don't like it when manufactures compromise the overall look of the knife having a slot running down the grip.
Benchmade has a few, the anthem is manual and the new vector is assisted. Kinda cool but it is easy to make it work with an axis compared to other locks
What countries do you *NOT* ship to? Is Denmark on this list?
Why don't you ship knives to Serbia?
Please Ship to Portugal...
Will this come sharpened with the Elmer edge they talk about on their site?
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Thank you :)
I just got my 2017 Gen3 model myself! So stoked. I'm about to get the .1m set. Is it worth it versus the 40000 grit .5 micron?
dont like the we knives component, but regardless they make amazing products so this shit willll be fire!
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No problem, I prefer made in the USA goods
I can understand that.
We Knife aside, I too am interested in learning more about the knife's specs- especially: blade steel used; are the scales milled out for weight savings?; overall dimesions and weight; caged or free bearings on the pivot (or washers); etc. and if course price. Considering the street price of most FF prodcution knives, I am hoping that Mass drop will bring it in at significantly less than the usual $500 price point.
I think you'll be pleased
Since I happen to have a pic of the design progressions over the past 3 years that lead to the Falcon.
What is below the falcon? A midtech/custom version?
I love that version right before the production falcon.
Long history (like AH said) of this style and innovation you are getting with this ffkw package, and the price point will be extremely competitive I bet. Sign me up for a few of em!!!
wow - can someone say "We Knife - model 605" please...
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That was clarified when they officially announced the Falcon. Designed by FFKW Manufactured by We knives
Thanks, I was looking at this "Coming Soon" and didn't look at the drop itself.
Edited original post with correction.
Do we have any specs yet :D? @richardgao
Soooooooooon (maybe.....next week ;)....)
Massdrop owns my wallet. The kids are just going to have to go to Clown College, I guess...
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Haaahahaha!! Perfect! Thanks, brother. :)
Check out this knife. I've backed it and hope others will also. @axeguy
How much would this cost? A lot I'm assuming
Massdrop collaborations are usually incredible value.
I am IN
Damnit, I'm in.
Going to be honest, we're all been extremely excited about this project.....
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Hmmm - are you usually not honest? ;-)
I'm only dishonest when I am talking about kunalkumar
I have over forty fountain pens. I'd be willing to give up a good number of them for this "triple-F". Thankfully I won't have to.
How sharp are the pens?
Why tease??!! Just take my money already.