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How do you bind your DAPs to your dac/amp?

How do you bind your DAPs to your dac/amp?
heres what I did ...........

blue tac. rubber bands that comes with portable amps. 3M double sided tape. 3M dual lock tape. etc.
I use a micro suction tape. It's permanent when you need it to be and removable without residue. It works pretty well.
pretty cool. maybe ill do that in the future. whered you get it?
They're available everywhere. I buy most mine from Amazon or eBay
The DAP and amp I have are both from FiiO so I use their stacking kit. Haven't bothered with that much after I picked up the LG V20.
so the elastic? doesnt that cover your phone screen?
The V20 is pretty powerful and will throw more juice at headphones 50 ohms and up. I was utterly blown away by it's ability to drive full size cans by itself so I don't use an amp with it. That wasn't really my intended purpose when I bought it but it does stupidly good things. I only pull out my X3ii/E12A stack when I want to preserve phone battery or I want native content above 48khz/24 bit (OS limited bit depth for android)