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Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint

Is there anyone else that absolutely loves Pilot V5s? They are the only ballpoint pen that I can use in which my handwriting is nice. I'd love to get a drop of them going...

Data and MattyAB

I have been using the newer ones with refill cartridges. They are great writers and come in V7 HiTECpoint, gives a 0.5mm line and V5 Hi-TECpoint, gives a 0.33mm line. They are smooth and is excellent. YOU do not have to grip like a muscleman to use it. It has liquid ink so it glides over the paper like the incomparable fountain pen. Pilot ink is still visible even after a washing under the tap.
@MattyAB .... I wouldn't mind seeing the Pilot V pens come up for a drop :) I have some V Ball pens that have had since the 1980's. I actually had to look them up to even see if it was possible that I have had them that long, yes. It looks like they came out 1979-1980. Kind of hard to believe I have been hoarding pens/pencils that long :O There was a time when I used them sparingly in case I couldn't find them again... Imagine my relief to learn they now haw a variety of V pens to choose from :) A couple photos for pure nostalgia..... A "Fine" point in the 80's is certainly different than a fine point today !