Apr 17, 2017321 views

DAC/AMP recommendation

Hi All,
I need recommendation for DAC/AMP/Combo that meets the following requirements.
1) Able to drive some ~$300 headphones (not sure what to get yet but looking into this price point) and JBL LSR305 speakers.
2) Digital input should include both TOSLINK and USB because I will attach my desktop and laptop to it. Need to be able to switch between the two sources.
3) Need volume knob.
4) Hopefully under $200 total. The only alternative I know of is the Schiit Uber Stack but that is $300.
5) Good sound quality of course.

The JBLs are powered so you really just need a line level output from the DAC.
I can't recommend anything for sub $200 with all of the options you're looking for from personal experience but they do exist. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/xduoo-ta-01-dac-amp for example.
I am thinking of something like the topping 30 stack.
Get a headphone first, then ask again. You may not need one.
I understand where you are coming from on this. However, the speaker, a headphone, two input sources and volume knob is certain.
I don't think you understand. You should have a headphone first so you know what you will need. It would also help us give you a recommendation.