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WE Knife: Chinese Manufacturing Done Better

Founded in 2000, WE Knife is located in Yangjiang City in the Guangdong Province of China, an area famous for making knives, kitchen sets, and other hardware. After more than 16 years of original equipment manufacturing, the company turned its attention and effort to a single trade: knifemaking—and changed its name to WE Knife in 2014. Having ample experience producing a wide range of equipment with the latest machining technologies, knifemaking was a natural next step.
WE Knife has been on the forefront of innovation ever since, setting a new standard for manufacturing in a country that’s often misperceived as having a low bar for quality. Recognizing the perception of Chinese-made knives, WE Knife made it a mission to prove it wrong. Thanks to a professional research and development team, high-quality CNC machines, electric discharge machines, laser-engraving machines, titanium anodizers, and more than 100 carefully selected staff members, WE Knife manufacturers cutlery at the highest tolerances. The result is enduring, near-custom knife quality that you can feel.
The quality of its products certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed, either. WE Knife has worked with some of the biggest names in the knife industry as well as custom knifemakers and designers like Simon Crafts and Mikkel Willumsen. Their belief that attention to detail and innovation is the key to success has helped them become one of the largest exporters of high-quality knives and tools in China.
Perhaps the WE Knife name also plays a role in the company’s mission. “WE” refers to the collective mentality that governs its work. From those crafting the knives on the floor to those who end up using them, the process is one of teamwork, through and through. That’s why we here at Massdrop are incredibly proud to have the opportunity to work so closely with WE Knife in bringing this folder to life. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
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Do you have knives that have reversible clips for lefties, I am new to Chinese knives and Drop. I have been pretty limited to Benchmade so I could enjoy using a knife out of my left pocket to open . Please keep lefties in mind we aren't a small number any more. Thanks
Or a fixed blade?
Do they make a leather horizontal sheath to conceal?
I own one WE knife and a WE/Massdrop colaboration and am thoroughly impressed with the craftsmanship of both knives. It is obvious that I will purchase more. The Chinese are following in Japan's wake. Initially both countries manufacturers produced cheaply made, low cost products and now comparies like WE and Reate produce cutlery that are world class. The companies leadership have figured out there are better profits and more business from us enthusiasts who appreciate high end quality knives. I look forward to future drops but, my wallet won't.
Any idea when we're gonna see some WE Knife drops?
Super nice...
I'd also like to see you have a REATE drop.
Just received my collaboration between Ferrum Forge and We in the Mass drop offering Falcon. Fit and finish is beautiful. Action is smooth as butter right out the box. It is not as sharp as could be but a little stropping takes care of that.
I was very hesitant to buy a knife made in China but I won't hesitate to buy another from WE with this pedigree.
Looking forward to another WE knife drop that I can partake in 😀
Those of and around my age (63) will remember the days when every inexpensive trinket and device sold in America was stamped "Made in Japan" so that the phrase was synonymous with "cheap;" in terms of both price and quality. Fast forward several decades and the phrase has been entirely transformed. People who never bought little toy figures, fly swatters, and plastic wash baskets stamped "Made in Japan" from the mid-century's versions of The Dollar Store, now, almost universally, equate Japanese products with innovation, high quality and skilled craftsmanship.
WE Knife is among a fair number of Chinese companies that are at the forefront of the logical and inevitable commercial progression taking place in China; selling innovative, high quality products that can compete with the Big Dogs that have owned their markets globally for years. Just because labor is relatively cheap in China doesn't, of course, mean that quality craftsmanship is non-existent, and remember that the Chinese have been forging blades since the 16th Century B.C.
I own four of their knives and prize them all.
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Ha! I'm a young fart...in my mind! :)
LOL Good for you! Gotta have plenty of time to play with your toys. Retired?
Bought two models and although they are good for the region the come from, they are not on Spyderco, Benchmade, ZT or Protechs level. Id put them on par with Kizer or mid tier boker. Obviously not same league as Chris Reeve, Microtech or Strider, but if the price point is right (-$120 or so) then they are decent pickup.
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There head above the quality control on ZT misgrinding, Benchmade off centering issues and Spydercos
lol @strider being a good buy or even remotely competitive vs WE
Was one of the people who didn't want a China made knife EVER but the prices for the WE knives made me take a chance. I have completely changed my mind at least for WE and companies like Reate " however its spelled" they are very good quality made knives above and beyond many American makers whom i have sworn by for many years. Of course i still like to buy American when i can but im not going to pass up a good knife with a great deal.
Nice ripoff of Kershaw. I'll stick with Kershaw though, they did it, and still do it, better.
most kershaws are made in china of materials that are less desired
And WE can't stop And WE won't stop Can't you see it's WE who own the night Can't you see it WE who bout' that life And WE can't stop And WE won't stop WE run things, things don't run WE Don't take nothing from nobody
^^ I like their attitude!
WE are the people your mother always warned you about :)
Almost Ableton's logo https://www.ableton.com/en/
I love the lines on the one posted above. Want!
It has been quite awhile since our last WE only drop. I hope one happens soon. Jim Skelton has reviewed WE on YouTube, and has nothing but admiration for the company's quality in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. I can't wait to see what the company does next.
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A former Massdrop picture of the 602
what is the point, I do not see any for sale! Who cares if they call themselves "We" or ya-all, show me the blades.
The Ferum Forge knife is a WE collaboration.
This slide show should shatter the cheap labor / cheap manufacturing facilities / cheap product image that is needlessly slapped on many Asian manufacturers.
Most cheap labor / cheap manufacturing facilities / cheap product are for other country's brand..They would not really use those when they try to make their own name in the world...why would they?
so... where can one peruse their catalog?
Cool story, but i'd like to know WHO the heck WE is.
There is so little information out there about WE as a whole. They do make great knives, though.
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Still the knife makers in China 🇨🇳have developed a very high technical ability matching if not bettering many manufacturing companies in the USA
I totally get it, man. There's always a bit of friction when it comes to selling products across international boundaries. How much effort do you put into adopting, or at least faking, the cultural norms of your customer?