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Why did Sennheiser jack up the price of the Sennheiser HD201's?

I had heard amazing things about the HD 201's.  I had seen videos and read articles that said they were the best headphones you could get for about $20. I looked at them on Amazon two days ago listed for $23.50 and I though that sounded like a great deal for the quality of the headphones. But this morning. I checked again to see that they g=had risen the price to $43.50.  What the hell Sennheiser!? These headphones have remained at the same price for almost 5 years and now they double the price out of nowhere. In fact. All of their budget headphones went up in price by almost $10. Now the HD 201's are more expensive than the 206 line and I'm just really confused. On Sennheiser's own website they even jacked up the price. Can we start a drop on this because this is really frustrating.

i think thats not from sennheiser, rather from the sellers on amazon
Oh okay. Ill take a look on Sennheiser's own website and try my luck there. Kind of funny you necroing a comment section like that.
HD201 is a crap. Cusions breaks into pieces after ca 2 years not intense listening.
Tbh amazon might just be out of stock and you are seeing a 2nd seller version.
Not sure if price hikes will all be down to senn remember they sell to Amazon or distributor at a lower cost and set an rrp Amazon can charge what they feel people will pay they have margins to manage.
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