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Needless Non-standard Key Sizes

What is it with manufacturers and their needless non-standard key sizes? Do they not see nor care that they make our jobs a lot more difficult in replacing their crap keys? In most cases, with a little bit of an air gap or a small adjustment, they could make our customization as their customers a lot easier.
The reason behind this rant is that I found a mass produced keyboard that I want for 75% by Vortex.

But look at that ESC key?!? Why? Where do I find a keycap for this? Thankfully, the board is fully programmable (well, as much as Vortex boards are). But still, it seems that with a bit of a change, i.e. 1U ESC, F-keys in line with numeric keys, and delete key 1U and add one more 1U key, you'd have a more compatible layout, with an extra key, to boot.
Why do they do this to us!
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Carbon Exotic kit contains 2 1.5u esc, 1 1.5u del, and a 1.5 1.
Just a thought. Not common. Not realistic. Could have easily done 1u esc, 1u del, and added an extra key. But hey, that's what they chose to do.
Why don't you just put a standard key-cap there, see what it looks like.
I really wanted this to be backlit like the engineering model most reviewers got, but the production model seems to not be LED compatible.
The point of it wasn't this board, nor ways around it- I don't even have the board. The point was why do they do it in general, knowing that the customer experience is changed in regards to keycaps. It's not like they don't *know* that it creates a problem.
There are plenty of boards that work the way you want for keycaps. Just because this particular one doesn't isn't a reason to bash one vendor. I get what you're saying and I, too, prefer a range of choice for whatever product I buy, but it's really not their concern.
I'm not bashing one vendor. I'm talking about the tendency lately of multiple vendors to do this.
You could probably use a novelty on it if you wanted to replace it.
The layout for any keyboard needs a very strong philosophy behind it. There are sadly a lot of boards out there with very wonky cap sizes that simply don't make for the best customization, but often don't make the best use of the space either.
The giant esc key is definitely pretty damn awful though, just a poorly thought through layout all around. The only reason for this is aesthetics, and honestly sacrificing aesthetics for usability is simply not something that leads to a lasting layout.
Some people actually want the offset f row. Many people have been waiting for a good 75% with a offset f row. Whether that be for looks or just a preference in layout. Although this does come at the cost of printed keycap compatibility. I don't think vortex should be bashed so hard on this choice.
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Different people have different opinions on that regards. I'm just looking at the keycap replacements, and none of them include 1.5 ESC. It's not a standard key.
i just mean they could have used a gap to push the row in the needed direction vs a wide key
1u escape is sacred!
I am working on some layouts hobby-wise, and even in crazy ones like this, I have a 1u escape, and a 1/4u gap if I can work it in.
Vortex RACE 3, right? I've been eyeing this board as well. My preferred 75% layout is ESC gap F1-4 gap F5-8 gap F9-12 gap Del. Lets me find right keys without looking. I actually prefer this layout over what seems to be the most popular 75% which is top row filler out with 1u with no stagger with the immediately below row. If I put 1u keycap for Esc and Del, it will look weird, but I think I can accept it as a Vortex quark/charm. No gap between F4/F5 and F8/F9 is bigger problem for me. I wish Vortex makes PN do something useful. On their other models, it's either dead key or LED setting modifier. What a waste.
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TT(layer) - Layer Tap-Toggle. If you hold the key down, the layer becomes active, and then deactivates when you let go. And if you tap it, the layer simply becomes active (toggles on).
ah, dump CapsLock. Cool.
It looks like if they made each of those weird caps 1u, they might be able to find in another 1u cap in the upper right that could maybe be a macro key or something along those lines...
Occasionally an ergodox kit will come with a 1x1.5 esc key like that. I wish it was more often.
They're aiming for that compact gapless look. You can still use 1u caps.
It's not as bad as the AJAZZ AK33.
Looking at the arrow keys gets me kinda triggered. Frankly they're easily replaced with any R4 novelty keycaps.
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(i say, typing this on my 75%)
Haha. My 75% is on the way, and thank God it's not laid out like a mistake. It's got normal modifiers, split space bar, gaps between function keys! First step in my "master plan" to be on 75% and 1800 layout! Hope your 75% is working out.