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What knife do you carry? (if you do carry one)

What knife do you have on you when the time is right I carry a knife modeled after a switchblade (but made legal) but what about you?
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I carry a full blown hatchet that weighs 15oz. The AT isnt as nice as it used to be.
Razor blade.
My usual is a locking folder under 3.5”. Many take a knife that is too big to be useful for general chores, food prep or repairs. A stainless paring knife with a slip sheath is great. Mora knives are good. Smaller Swiss Army knives are a standard. I like ones with scissors.
CRKT M16-13SFG. Good and reliable. Stays sharp and quite durable
Ken Onion Leek — slim, feels great in the hand, high aspect ratio tip, holds an edge a long time
Dermasafe folding razor, like 8 grams. Never had a need for anything else.
Best thing to cut food, which is all I ever need. The hard plastic sheath works well as the handle. Only problem is it is so small and light I have a hard time keeping track of it! For a few grams and about $1 each they are perfect.
Either a Kershaw Faultline or a CRKT M21 w/the serrated blade - I also carry a Bomber & Co.
B-2 mini on my key chain AND there is a loaded Swiss Army knife in my car, not sure what model it is, I've had it forever.
My EDC is a Kershaw Pico but have a few others though they are all $50 or less so that when I lose one or snap the blade in half, or otherwise abusing it it is not really a big deal.
Gerber Mini Covert - Serrated
I carry a Victorinox Manager. It's really nice to have that little pen at hand for quick, tactical receipt signatures. :)
I mostly open boxes and write notes, every now and then adjust a screw or two. The Manager covers all those bases, while remaining small and ultralight. You'll forget you have it. I love that simplicity.
But if I had the opportunity to go back, I'd have pick the Victorinox Signature, which is the same as the Manager, but without the phillips screwdriver, which I've barely used.
What can I say? I'm a hardcore minimalist.
A Victorinox SAK or a Leatherman Wave but, for general use and abuse, a Mora Clipper with a laminated rubber handle.
Today: Got that spydiechef. One of my absolute favorites.
Recently: Bestech Pebble, and Kizer mini intrepid and T1.
Soon: Dat techno 2 when it gets released
Deejo 25g
Kizer T1 has been my goto in the last few weeks.
I carry a Katsu Japanese folder. It's by no means the nicest of knives, but it does the job and it sure looks good doing it (if you ask me).

I carry my Wooden Mirror Kwaiken lately, my Mcusta Kumon moneyclip knife but clip tension is not as good anymore or my Leatherman Signal & Style cs on belt or in bag, am thinking of getting a WESN Ti keychain Knife and a chopper soon.
Massdrop Gent for EDC, Bestech Lion as a work/heavy use folding knife. White River Backpacker and a Boker Vox Rold for hiking and camping respectively. I might switch to a hand hatchet instead of the Rold, it seems more practical. I'd love to pick up a Colonel Low Vz as a defensive knife.
I carry a Ka Bar Jarosa skeleton knife if Hunting and a grebes ultralight in my cook kit as a backup. gerber is around 27g and KaBar is about 37 g. Both have been great.
I carry a Spyderco Endura in ZDP-189. Quite a nice blade for everyday tasks, lightweight and capable enough.
Leatherman Skeletor and trauma sheers. All I’ve ever needed in many many trips
Kershaw! Have always liked them as a brand., Their clips not so much but this pocket clip is very nice! I have not used it enough to have to sharpen the blade so I can't comment on that... But the handle is great... And I bought it for only $10...
i carry a disposable blade for a straight razor in with my first aid mini zip lock 99% of the time, rarely carry a pocket knife but when i do it is one of 2 S&W knives my father in law gave me which are around an ounce each
My beat up Cold Steel American Lawman in AUS8. I have better and more expensive blades. But I keep coming back to this.
I take my Swiss Victorinox Huntsman, not that it is supper light, its not. I like the saw blade and use that to make gadgets while on the trail. Tooth pick is great to have as well as the tweezers for splinters. The scissors is great for the nails and all kinds of repairs on the trail. I like it, it has all the bells and whistles.
But the real reason I use this knife over all others, my wife gave it to me many years ago after a trip she took to Switzerland, so what else can I use?
Good stuff! Sentiment can definitely make a tool more valuable.
Cool topic !
Do you guys carry tip up or tip down ? And why...
I usually carry the crkt m21 tip down, couse thats the way it came lol :-p or sometimes the kershaw pub.
I tend to carry my knives in whatever configuration they came in. Like you are with your M21. My poor M21 never gets carried anymore because I hate the lock!
Leatherman micro. Several small tools, very light. I've never felt like I needed more from a knife / multi tool while backpacking.
For hiking I use a Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clip 580, love having an actual nail clipper for foot/hand care when out for a few weeks in the woods. If I want something bigger it is usually one of Morakinv's cheaper and lighter offerings. Never feel bad about beating the hell out of a Morakniv when they are ±$10 with a sheath on amazon.
This week has been the Kershaw Dividend m390, great little Urban EDC .
Ontario RAT 2
Also have my Zero Tolerance 0456 in my right pocket.
Really love this knife, haven't been able to pull the trigger on one yet.