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Introducing "Fatti di Cuoio"


Hi all,
my name is Francesco Pascoli, and I'm the founder, the owner and the only one craftsman of the Fatti di Cuoio enterprise!
I'm from Italy and I'd like to introduce myself and my job to the community. I'm a leatherworker ("Fatti di Cuoio" means "Made of leather") and I love leather in all its applications. I mostly like EDC and travelling stuff with a minimalist approach, so I try every time to adapt this "philosophy" to the products I make.
I'd like to bring to you some of my leather goods, you can find some more information in my website (sorry, the most updated one is in Italian, but there is an older version in English here and listen what do you think about them.


All my products are handmade by me, and I use exclusively Italian sourced Vegetable TannedLeather: I love the patina it took over time.
What else? Thank you for the attention and please feel free to ask everything you want.


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