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Does anyone know if Audeze Isine 10 are any good?

I am thinking about buying Audeze Isine 10 iem & would like to know if they are worth getting. I listen to music close to 16 hours a day & all types of music besides country & rap. Before anyone complains about excessive headphone use being bad for hearing I use my headphones for around 3 hours a day.

May 7, 2017
Hmm, pardon me for asking these. But does that mean you have your own speaker setup? (You're listening to music 16 hours a day, but use headphones 3 hours a day) If so, just use them, really. If you need that privacy, the iSine doesn't guarantee it as well, since (I think you might know this already) it's an open back IEM.
Alright, so the truth is, we listen to things every day, it matters not if you wanna hear a music 2 minutes a day or near 24 hours. The most important thing is how loud are you listening to it. According to OSHA, if you can keep the loudness at around 85dB, it's actually fine to listen for 16 hours or so. Any longer and you need to turn the volume knob down to a 'safer' levels.
Ok, now to address the main question. Yes, the Audeze iSine 10 is a capable IEM, for me. Sound signature wise it's your own preference but for me, I neither like or dislike it. It's got the perks of being an open back, so it's got a wide soundstage, but it's sound is not my thing. The vocals are strong, and the bass is powerful, but it has the standard Audeze feel to it as well if you got the seal right. Audeze's house sound is tuned to be on the darker side, so if you like some 'air' in your music this one might not be it. It works very well for rap though, I think
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