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Which speakers?

Audiophiles guide me.
I have a BOOMING system in my truck. Hard pounding competition level subs, mids, and highs. Then in my cave, soundsticks 3. Not even close.
I like rap, hip hop, electronic music of all types, but I also like pop, country and classic.
I see all these makes and models here and never know which. I'd like them to be white to match my decor.
Please advise.

ELAC makes some well-regarded speakers in white:
KEF LS50 are also very highly regarded and available in white:
PSB also makes good speakers that are available in white:
You are going to want a subwoofer. It doesn't need to "match" the speakers -- you don't need to get the same brand as the main speakers, and it's usually better not to match since it's rare that the best speakers and best subwoofer for your needs are from the same company. You'll need a receiver or amp that can send the bass to the subwoofer, too.
What is your target budget for the home system? What does the budget need to include (receiver or amp, speakers, subwoofer)?
Devialet Phantom. Blows socks off.
It's white and comes in a few accent colours. It's also audiophile quality. It has 4500 watts. It has implosive drivers that can move the entire atmosphere of the room at frequency to give you that thumping low end that sucks the breath out of your lungs.
If 150 watts is enough for you I really like my Audioengine A5+ speakers. They have an option in bamboo