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Red Wing Shoes

What is the Massdrop Cummunity thinking about Red Wing Shoes?
Made in the USA since 1905 those shoes are known for their extrem durability.
I would love to get them for little money on Massdrop.

M W, dudeabides, and 3 others

Yep - Got those boots (Iron Rangers). They took an age to break in, but are amazing go anywhere kind of footware. They last forever and can be sent back to be refurbished when worn. Great shoes. Just now I have 3 pairs of redwings in various states of use. You could say I am a fan.
I'm breaking in a pair of Iron Rangers right now. Love them, but the the leather is quite thick, so the break-in process is definitely a thing. Be ready.
Sizing is for sure an issue. I went down a full size from standard until I added orthotics; then they popped right back up. (Probably should have gone with a wider last as well – alas).
The soles are interesting. Iron Rangers come standard with a flat sole. I'd like to see a special edition with tread.
I believe they also come standard with 6 eyelets (could be wrong). I like them a bit taller than standard.
Anyway, they're classic and solid, but could use some custom tweaks.
Red Wing boot sizes are different. You have to try them on to get the size right. I wear 1 full size smaller in Red Wing (and Converse All Stars) than most other brands. It may be because there is no padding. I've been looking for a deal on a pair of Red Wing Roughneck boots with moc toe, briar or copper.