Just a Bayside Girl Living In a Barbecue World: Introducing Lynn Black of Jim Quessenberry BBQ

Hello Massdrop Foodies! My best friend Lynn Black just dropped a three pack of seafood recipes featuring our barbecue sauces and spices. While we haven't created a drop just yet due to some yet to be worked out details, I wanted to let you all know that we do sell online and we share our recipes freely to the public as well.
As an Arkansas Native, I had not truly experienced fresh seafood until I moved briefly to Manteo, NC in the Outer Banks. I met Lynn and Ryan when they had just moved in together a few months prior to my move out there. It was Super Bowl Sunday and I ate my first, second, and last raw oysters. It was at that point I realized that I was either gonna starve or survive eating seafood on the East Coast so I tried really hard. I did get better at it, and I have to say I do love Oyster Rockefeller as well as a good low country boil, however I am still trying to acquire a taste for raw oysters.
Many may not know my face and name, but I’m the fourth powerhouse behind Jim Quessenberry BBQ. My last name isn’t Quessenberry, nor do I have a round belly or fire-red hair. I don’t live in the Memphis-Jonesboro area and if you ask me the perfect way to smoke a brisket I’m going to have you call the brothers Q. But what I do have is an amazing friendship and now partnership with the Quessenberry Brothers and Jeff Marchetta that started over 5 years ago on the shores of the Outer Banks in Kill Devil Hills, NC. ~ Lynn Black
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