May 12, 2017

Cordohyde shoe laces

Everytime I buy a nice pair of shoes, the shoe laces that come with them are almost always guaranteed to be of low quality. A couple of wearing in, the laces begin to fray and eventually break. I wanted to get a feel of the members here whether they have experienced this. If so, the only shoe laces I have ever brought that seems to be tough as nails is Cordohyde shoe laces. I have them a pair my shoes going 6+ yrs strong with no signs of fraying whatsoever. Browsing the web, there are places charging ludicrous amounts of money for one pair and/or charges up the yinyang for shipping. Would members in this community consider a drop for Cordohyde shoelaces in various colors and length? Would it be possible to contact the manufacturer to do say various shades of brown and/or even various colors of shoelaces. The goal would be buy a number of shoelaces in varying length and color per member.


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