Every time I want to join a drop here ...
I ask myself three things.
Firstly, Is there a sizing chart and if so is it accurate? This has to be the most frustrating thing about buying any cloths online here or otherwise. Listings shouldn't even be allowed without one - IMHO.
Secondly, I make some kind of value judgement - Is the price good enough, will it get here with enough time left in the season it is intended for.
Lastly, my only real gripe with using Massdrop for clothing - What are the return procedures going to be like? Can I make a simple exchange if I get / they get the sizing wrong ? Can I make an easy return to Massdrop? Or does it have to go back to the company directly? Is the return postage pre-paid by the sellers?
Ultimately - do answering these questions cause less aggravation than finding this item on amazon.com?
I go through these steps on just about all the items I set out to purchase. Typically I loose hope and give up on some point on this journey.
Thanks for listening. Just trying to put my 2 cents in and my hope is to help Massdrop strengthen what i find the flimsiest community.
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