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Anyone interested in a Mac layout mechanical keyboard?

I've been wanting one. I find that I like the layout on my MacBook and that keeping it consistent would make life easier anyway. The spacing of the Command key just feels right. I'd change the arrow keys but the 5U space bar with function key on the left feels right to me. Anyone else have an interest in this to voice?
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i'd be really into it if ducky or varmilo made one.
I would love to see a keyboard with a true Mac layout!
Have you seen the Vinpok Taptek? It's low profile so I'm not sure if it's exactly what you had in mind, but it is mechanical and Mac-focused.
matias is about the only one that's making mechanical, true mac keyboards. it's not a mac keyboard if it has a 2u + on the number pad.
Yes! Glad I'm not the only one. I think Microsoft-focused keyboards get all the love and Mac never does. I use a Mac for work and personal and would like a drop to focus solely on a Mac layout.
The 5u bar is the first big issue, nobody really makes one so it's never included in any of the good aftermarket sets.
Just found this post trying to see if one of these existed. Yes! I'd be very interested.
yes interested - don't forget ISO
Yes, but have TKL & full-size options. And a real inverted T, not the abomination that Apple ships on their butterfly boards.
I’m a diehard Mac guy. I swear by my Nixeus Moda Pro. It’s HEAVY (multi-pound) all aluminum, nkr, great switches... but it comes stock with extra Mac key caps, a puller, and onboard disable of windows keys. Even supports Target Display Mode hotkeys. Check it out!
yes i am interested in the Mac layout mechanical keyboard. I work with on-site & at home. I do not like the external keyboards. But right now i am facing the Error Code 924 because i am unable to add the peripheral devices on my macbook.
I'm not sure what's out there, but it would be pretty awesome to have a swanky full Mac keyboard. Man, would love a mass drop on an Avid Logic Keyboard for MAC
I have a vortex race 3, I like the keys and all... but I really hate the spacebar... I can't reach the command keys without effort... and for the options/alts I need to lift off my hands, look down and then hunt and peck the option key just to get a "ñ" or a "é". I got the old wireless MacKeyboard and the new Magic Keyboard, and I've always praised how CMD+<key> is far superior to CTRL+<key> in windows or linux.
What I didn't realised until I got my race 3 is that the magic behind that comfortable typing was the shorter spacebar.
Anyone here knows were I can start learning how to build my own PCB with a Layout that I would really like??? I'm down to have all the messy cables and a spacebar made of wood by hand. Also if someone just knows where to buy a Mech Keyboard with the real mac layout... that would be awesome also.
(I don't ever game on PC, no need for me to go back to windows)
You can do a PCB in KiCAD ( There is a helpful article from DT on how to go about using it. I'll just tell you to make sure you are using cap sizes that people make (SP, GMK, Tai Hao, etc), otherwise you'll have a board with a layout that you'll never be able to fill out.
YES. I work alot on-site & at home. I do not like with external keyboards having spend time making Karabiner keymaps and changing / learning the new layout everytime I switch
I would! I'm just finishing a custom build for this reason. Went with a 6u spacebar, but with X and Cmd aligned.
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This is exactly what I've been waiting for! Where can I buy one?
GMK Makes 6u center and off-center stem space bars.
Please please please! I'm constantly tapping into pics on every Mech kybd hoping against hope for a legit Mac layout.
As a Mac fan and a keyboard enthusiastic I don't really share the pain. Bit of an extreme example here: as long as the Command key is on the left to the space bar then I'm fine. Just need more 1u or 1.25u Cmd/Code keycaps to replace the Windows key.
Sort of, but probably not. I've been using various mechanical keyboards with my macbook pro for a long time; mostly Ducky Shines. All I really care about doing is shifting the alt and windows key so the "command" key is in the right place. Older Ducky Shines had a dip switch to take care of this internally once you switched the keycaps. Newer ones you have to switch the keys in keyboard prefs on the mac, but it's not a big deal to do this. So all I'd really like is an option to have a command key instead of a windows key included with a keyboard, but even that doesn't really matter, after a bit one doesn't really see it that much anyway. Spacing wise regarding the rest of the keyboard I really prefer the more traditional layout of the Ducky's and whatever to the apple keyboard layout. I really hate typing on the built in keyboard on my macbook pro.
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Probably because I haven't read that part of the manual, and already have done the syspref thing with other keyboards.
i just checked website/ user manual and turns out my shine 6 special edition does have the DIP switches. Guess its just the year of monkey edition then?
Yes please
I won't lie, this really doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
The first issue is just the spacebar. Nobody really makes 5u spacebars for MX or Alps (or Topre) currently.
Second issue; why? Consistency? Totally a valid reason. But, the physical layout of the Apple keyboards is definitely not something that I'd ever go out of my way to use. With all the programmable keyboards out there it just isn't necessary. As far as actual key sizes it really doesn't make much sense as a keyboard either.
Why not use a layout like this?
Standard sized keys. You actually get MORE functionality from this as well, seeing as you have the extra key to the right of the spacebar for whatever you want. FN is still far left, Control is in a more sensible spot along with Caps, and you don't have the huge PITA of needing to get a manufacturer to make all new molds.
I can tell you right now there isn't going to be a company going out of their way to make a Mac specific keyboard. Matias does it, and they suffer in sales because of it. It is extremely expensive to create a new mass produced keyboard. Someone doing a custom would be the most sensible solution for the niche of a niche market that wants mac specific layout boards.
Honestly, if you are dying to have a super reliable mechanical Mac keyboard, old Apple Extended and Apple Extended II keyboards are fantastic, just get one of those.
But that keyboard's space bar reaches farther to the left. The space bar is what makes apple keyboards comfortable. On PC, it's not as important because ctrl is used for everything. macOS is centered around the command key, so keeping it closer to the thumb makes a huge difference. The reason I ask if anyone wants this is exactly that. We can order custom and hopefully at a lower cost because it's a larger number of people order. Kinda the point of this whole website. People who want a product gathering together to make that product more affordable. So if you don't want the product, that's fine, but why bother gathering here then?
Agree. I think 6.25u is too long and a waste of space. Thumbs retracted too far back of original position to reach command key. I'd rather have 1.5u ctrl opt cmd than a long space bar, longer than I really need it to be.
I'd be interested.
YES! I'm a huge mechanical fan and have played with some PC ones with Mac keys, but it's not the same.
Internationally there are a couple of other Macintosh layouts sold by Apple, including a JIS version in Japan.
This is a layout I had been thinking about. If it were to be programmable, the actual keys wouldn't be too important, but what do you guys think of the placement of the arrow keys?
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I don't use fn much I could see I'd place it far right end next to arrow up. Caps lock original place is too prime for backslash, better use it for ctrl. Backspace... I'd have the normal backspace or series of tilde, etc (whitefox true layout then)
So... Why don't we make them all fully programmable? Wait. I think clueboard is the answer! If only it's got Bluetooth.
This layout actually makes a lot of sense. I never use the command, option or control keys on the right and those could be used for other keys and functions.
always, built in Dvorak would be cool too, and lets not forget about swapping caps lock for control. Now I'm right back to compiling my own firmware.
I'd be interested in a 65% or TKL with Bluetooth that would work on Mac OS X with my 2015 MBP 13". The Varmillo one doesn't always reliably work supposedly, so it'd be awesome to have one that works reliably on the newer Mac OS X that also has the Mac keyboard layout.
they have already sold a couple of them so
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There has been one I've seen with the Mac layout, that layout isn't very good so most companies stay away
Could you post a link please? I'd be interested in seeing it. I like the layout. The smaller space bar makes the command key easier to reach.
There's definitely some room for keyboards with excellent Mac support.