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Semi-open, low impedance headphones

Can you recommend a good mid-range pair of headphones that are semi-open with low impedance, and a good build quality? Need something around 30-40 ohms and not over $300. The Kennerton Vali headphones are close to what I'm looking for but way over my budget. The headphones I have now have too high impedance and they have a plastic creak with every movement, so they sound good if your head's not moving. I'd like to switch to low impedance because it would provide listening diversity and they would match the power of my audio interface better. I've been waiting for something of this sort to show up in the drops, but it's been a couple years now. All I've seen are really expensive options, or too cheap to be quality options.

I would say look at either open back or closed back. Semi-open is kind of a weird intermediate I personally do not care for. The only semi-open I own and would recommend is the AKG k 240, but the ones I own are over 30 years old and I have no idea if the new production sound different.
Impedance is not the only quality you are looking after, sensitivity rating is important as well.
Try the Sony MDRX1000, refurbished; around $259/pre tax
Fostex T50rp mkIII, they're not easy to drive, but they're low impedance.
Beyerdynamic DT880 32 ohm. Semi-Open is weird, there isn't a ton of semi-open headphones that have all of those features and traits. A headphone that I think closely resembles the Kennerton headphones is the Monolith M1060. $299 + tax, planar magnetic, (idk if that is a problem or not) 50 ohms. A very good headphone. Also take a look at the Monolith M560, a little cheaper, removable cups to make either closed or open, 42ohm, also planar.
Hope this helps.