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What was your first camera?

I got my first camera as a gift from my grandfather more than 20 years ago. It was a Canon film point and shoot camera, truthfully I don't have much memory from those days. Now thinking back, I can't recall the specific camera that I had either.
Having said that, I can remember my first digital camera just fine. My first digital camera was a Canon PowerShot SD110 (http://www.dpreview.com/products/canon/compacts/canon_sd110) that my dad bought me 13 years ago. Most definitively the camera that started the passion of photography for me.
Curious what's the first camera for everyone here.
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Mine was a old Voitlander bellows camera which used roll film. I used a Gossen light meter. Both given to me by my great-uncle. When the bellows gave out I bought a Yashica TLR using 120 film.
I would suggest any of the Canon “G” series point and shoot cameras. They give you excellent lenses and ‘all auto ‘ or all manual over-ride as you become more proficient . They seem pricey but are excellent cameras. I also suggest that you check out used cameras at any reputable dealer like B and H.
I'm sure I had various 110 and 35mm point and shoot cameras over the years. My first digital camera was the Kodak DC25.
Pentax K100 from memory - first camera they gave me when i started working newspapers - then it was a Nikon with a power advance
A Pentax K-1000 was my first camera. Worked a summer job to pay for it. Only had a 50mm lens for it, but I loved that camera.
My first DSLR will be delivered tomorrow. Nikon D3400. And my first camera was Kodak and I can not remember the model.
A plastic one with slides of nature embedded in a rotating circular disc which rotates every time the shutter is pressed. But to the little me it was awesome, just staring at those images in the peephole and wondering where they came from or what's behind them :)
I actually use my iPad, not a professional photographer but it is fun for me :)
Fun is what it's all about. None of the tech matters if we forget why we started doing it.
I found a Minolta Maxxum 7000 laying around my house but also have a Sony Cybershot DSC-W570.... I really really want to get a lightly used Sony A77 so I can use it with some lens that I have laying around...
A camera my father passed down to me when I was in the seventh grade or so.
Used 127 roll film, and had a manual film advance that was amazingly easy to forget to use. Some of my best shots were double exposures (one or two triples).
Zeiss Ikonta 'B'. 120mm film (what's called medium format these days).
g7x mark ii
My first camera was Nikon F3hp with Nikkor 50mm f1.2
Kodak Brownie box camera. No joke. The ultimate point and shoot.
Zeiss-Ikon Ikonta folding camera , 120 film , f 6.3 lens, no rangefinder..."guess focus"
Same here. I had a 'B', made in Dresden. I was going to school in Normandy at the time; took this camera all over Europe. Really nice packaging Yeah, a rangefinder would have been useful, but with sufficient light, diffraction wasn't an issue on 120mm until f/16 or 22 so plenty of depth of field.
My first camera is Canon 6D with a 70-200 mm lens 1.4
Konica 35mm with several lenses I bought off a college friend back in 1980. I was dating a very pretty girl who had done some modelling and I thought "well this opportunity doesn't come around every day", and I had wanted to get into photography so made the jump. My initial attempts looked like some horrid photo spread from a third-grade skin mag but after more research and practise (and a lot of film) I eventually got to the point where I was pretty competent. I ended up marrying the girl but that didn't last as long as my passion for photography. Photo attached is my first "selfie" shot on a 4x5 view camera with a 120 roll film adapter, lol.
I had a bunch of disposable cameras as a kid. I finally got an older model Nikon (d40) and I'm loving it so far. Very cool!
My 1st SLR, purchased in 1975 and still in use, only minimally, but my principal film camera amongst others.

And some of it's work.
you can tell that camera has seen a lot of love through the years! good stuff!
First camera was decidedly unremarkable, I think a point and shoot Ricoh film camera. I can only credit it with being there when I needed it.
But the first camera that ever got that got me *into* photographic techniques... that's the more interesting question to answer.
For me that was the camera *after* my first camera, and that was the 3mp Olympus camedia c-3040 w/ a f/1.8 bright zoom Lens. It was just enough of a performance latitude where my friend would wonder why I pull off night shots when hers would come out dark. And just enough dof to play with where background defocusing was a consideration....uh...if you're close enough. It was enough to get me curious what kind of shots I could pull off.
that brilliant little camera was great i even picked up somebody's old c-3040 so I could relive the one-and-a-half second press-to-shot trigger time. Ahhhh, those were the days. From there I went full frame film And discovered I knew jack shit about ISO and light. That's when the real interest began. And that's when I realized you can have a big-ass body and still shoot crappy-ass shots.
Moving back to digital reallly amped up the shots/day so I learned a lot more quickly after that.
First camera that I recommend to everyone starting out learning DSLR photography, even though it is discontinued, Nikon D50. Great to learn the basics with and the lenses are compatible with almost any body you buy later. I was printing 24X36 posters with this.
My first ever camera was the Canon Super Shot WP-1. I love that thing. It still works to this day.
Kodak Bulls-eye with the flash-bulb attachment. They still sold the 620 film rolls and the huge flash-bulbs at stores in the 1970s when I had this.
Then a couple of years later I received an Instamatic 110-film pocket camera for Christmas and this old Brownie went away. I do still have that Instamatic in a drawer. Who knows where you find the very proprietary Kodak battery anymore.
Canon T6i Rebel
Nikon Nikkormatt 35mm SLR. I still have it too! My first digital was a Nikon D70.
Pentax K1000 - wasn't this EVERYONE's first (film) camera? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentax_K1000
Haha, first SLR I ever used (high school photography class) but I never owned one. My 1st SLR was Minolta xd-11 I found at a Sheriff's auction. Got the entire kit with winder, flash, and a zoom lens for about the cost of the zoom lens.
Haha well mine was a canon rebel xt that my mom gave me a few years ago. That was the camera that started everything for me:)
Correction: Turns out it's the "top-of-the-line" 1535. I found it. Never realized my father splurged that day :D Must have had it for ages, never paid attention to the model number.
Oh, wow! Flashbacks. An Agfa Optima 335. Probably still have it somewhere.
I used wind up film cameras when I was a kid, but they were family cameras and I don't consider myself as having owned them.
My first camera was a Pentax K-30 that I only acquired a few years ago. I didn't think the weather sealing was a feature I would take advantage of very often, but I've found that it has opened up more shooting opportunities and it offers peace of mind.