Dec 6, 201870 views

Adventures in Cookware

Recent acquisitions--looking for cabinet space!
Just a note to all who may be looking to upgrade their own cookware assortment, but who may be turned off by the prices they see. No, you don't have to pay $275 (or more) for a decent Skillet or Sauce Pan! Those are the crazy prices (MSRP). Nearly every manufacturer will run very aggressive SALE PRICES on a rotating selection of sizes, over the course of the year. So, while a 4 qt sauce pan my cost a small fortune, right now, the 1.5 qt version may be on sale for half-price. All you have to do, is wait for the sane/sale price to come around on the piece you're looking for. I can assure you I didn't pay the crazy price for anything in this shot. By the way, you may be tempted to buy a "Set" of cookware, especially at Holiday mark-down prices, but I'd avoid that option--better to buy exactly what you need, as you need it, rather than pay for an item you seldom use. Also, there's no particular reason to buy your gear from only one manufacturer; the are lots of great brands out there. Be smart, be patient, and whatever you do, don't pay those crazy prices!


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