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Better sound with M50x and PC

Hi guys, Real newb here but an audiophile anyway. I've been wanting for some time to change my headphones and recently I went to Audio Technica to try some stuff. After a moment I was left with the ATH-AD900X and the ATH-M50x. There's like a ratio of 3 between the 2 prices but that was ok for me, until the guy there told me that if I bought the AD900X I would also need like a $600 amp or something. That's why I went for the M50x. Now, I'm using the M50x with my computer and I don't feel like I get everything it should give, when comparing it to the sound I had at the AT store. So is there something I could buy, below ~$300 to get everything my headphones can give me ? Do I have many options ? If I buy what you advise me and in 2 years I change my headphones for one in the AD900X range or higher, am I still able to use it ? It would mostly be for music and periodically for movies and video games, maybe I should have said it earlier. I hope I have told you enough, if not I'll try to answer asap. Thanks for reading guys

JDS Atom for amp, SDAC for dac. This is the most cost effective and well-performing setup I can think of at the moment
@Likhan I currently own the iFi Nano iDSD Black Label which is both a DAC and headphone amp. It's also 32bit/384Hz capable and has two 3.5 outputs. One for hard to drive headphones and one for IEMs and easy to drive headphones. (iFi calls it "IEM match"). I also checked for you and yes, it's available there.
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That's funny. Oh yeah, in that case you would need 2 independant circuits and that would increase the price of the amp. In the case of professionals, like recording studios, I believe they could use several sets of headphones. Do you know if they use several amps with a common input or an (professional ?) amp designed to drive more than one set of headphones ?
No, sorry. I'm just a music listener like most of us here. I do know a little bit how things work, but professional studio equipment is not one of them. But if I were to guess I would say that each input would have sort of headphone output/mic input so they can all talk to each other and listen. But that's just a guess and nothing concrete.
Should return the m50x and buy m40x... save the money and get better sound. I like the geshilli labs archel pro for these.
Are you saying the m40x are better headphones than the m50x ? Didn't get to try these. The Archel Pro is an amp right ? You don't need a DAC to pair it with ?
Yes m40x are better. Yes archel pro is an amp. Geshilli also makes dacs that are good that would be needed, but they only go up to 24/192 if you care about going higher in audio quality is up to you. The topping dx3 pro thats still up right now on massdrop looks like a good combo unit for most people... I have a d30 dac of theirs and it is great, have not heard the dx3, but would expect it to be similar.
You're looking for an amp and dac. The schiit magni and modi is a well known combo. The schiit fulla is an all-in-one solution. I have a Micca OriGen G2. It's cheap, the sound is analytical, it has output jacks for 1/8 and 1/4 inch
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Yeah most pcs and laptops don't have great DACs and they tend to be very noisy. The fulla would work perfectly. All the best mate.
I'd buy the fulla