Dec 8, 2018

Does anyone have suggestions for a Gaming Headset?

I definitively want a new headset, but there are too many out there. It has to be over-ear, needs a good microphone and should be usb compatible. It also shouldn't lack surround sound. I'm open for any brand etc. The price doesn't matter too much, as long as it's justified. Right now, I'm using Logitech G430 and although I'm quite happy with them, they are old and people keep telling me that my mic is too loud (for the record: I'm not a loud person, so I know it has to do with the mic). A small piece to regulate the volume and to mute me would also be very much appreciated (the G430 has one and I'm heavily relying on this thing). I'm glad about every suggestion or comment :) Update: They literally just broke, I need new ones a lot faster

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