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Burson Play DAC/Amp (Massdrop Exclusive Configuration)

After I bought my first set of cans (Audeze LCD-2C), I started looking for an affordable AMP/DAC that will be able to sit on my desk and power any future headphones that I will be buying in the future. I came across the review of Burson Play in Headphonia and I am convinced that I have found the AMP/DAC perfect for a beginner. So I bought the V6 Vivid type Burson Play. This was installed with V6 Vivid opamps. This AMP/DAC is powerful. At 20 setting, the LCD-2C is already loud enough. The V6 Vivid offers a wide soundstage, perfect for gaming. The bass is responsive and fast which is ok for me since I consider myself to be a bass head. After hearing about the massdrop exclusive configuration, I bought 2 V6 Classic Single OPamps to try out the same configuration. The Burson staff are very responsive to my queries and so I was confident that I would be buying high quality stuff from them. The V6 Classic singles look like this:
The Burson play with all V6 Vivids (Red Opamps):
The Burson play with the Massdrop configuration (2 V6 Classic single and 3 V6 Vivid Dual):
The main difference in sound that I noticed between my old configuration and the Massdrop configuration is that the Vocals and the Treble became more emphasized, louder, and a bit brighter. The brightness is not too fatiguing which I like. The soundstage became a bit closer/narrower but only a tiny bit compared to the V6 Vivids. I think I like the Massdrop configuration more since it has a better balance on the mids and highs. If you like jazz or classical music, this configuration is balanced and perfect. I think I will keep this configuration for my daily driver. Overall, I am very happy with this product!

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