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Can anyone recommend me headphones for under $250 (read below)

Hello, I am looking to upgrade from my gaming headset (Hyper X Cloud Stinger) and see if any audiophiles can recommend me any headphones around the $250 or less price range. Preferably, between $100 and above until my price limit. I mostly play FPS games and I listen to Rap part of the time. I would prefer headphones that are easy to drive or need a entry-level amp such as the FiiO e10k. Open or closed back recommendations work. Hopefully, the community at Massdrop can help me here. Thank You!

Hyper X Cloud II - based on an already stellar headphone for the money, and they go on sale a good bit. The mic is also pretty good (and detachable).
You should try HyperX Cloud Alpha. Cheap but confortable. Audiophile headphones doesn't have that confort from my perspective. I tried DT880 Pro, but it isn't that good at all. If you want to have amazing quality of sound, then $250 is definitly not enough.
Have you tried the DT770 Pros by Beyerdynamic? They're usually on sale here for the same price as the HiFiMan 4XX's. Closed back, easy to drive (32 Ohm version) and have enough bass for your liking.
No, I have not tried the DT 770 Pros.
Well when they are available you should get them. They have amazing soundstage and imaging, especially when you pair them with a DAC/headphone amp. I've watched movies with them and it feels like people are in the room with me. They're that good.
JDS Labs Atom - 100 bucks Hifiman HE4xx - 169 bucks You get a great amp and a quality headphone for the price. You can also look at Meze headphones where you won't need an amp at all or the 1more Tridents same deal. You can actually get the latter on massdrop for cheap. Or even the 1more Spearhead (Amazon)
The Meze 99 Neo is one of my faves at this price point. Arguably, one of the most comfortable headphones, ever ( I am not exaggerating). They have a fun sound with pretty good bass response, they're closed back, and can be driven from a cellphone or PC without the need for an amp (easy to drive and low impedance). They're $200, come with a hard travel case, and can be used portably just fine. While I like the 58X, they are not the best for gaming and they are not the easiest to drive. They are 150 ohm drivers, after all. Same with the 6XX. You'd spend more on proper amplification to get them to sound their best and they're also not the best with Hip Hop or gaming IMO. If you can spend a bit more, the HiFiMan HE4XX is a solid bet. I used them quite a bit playing Titanfall, Battlefield, Wolfenstein, etc. and enjoyed them VERY much. They have really nice sub-bass as they extend to 30 hz and they are very clean sounding. Foot steps and other ambient noises will jump out at you while gaming due to their imaging and soundstage. The only issue is they like power. The more power the better. As long as you can meet that requirement, I don't think you'd find a better starting set for gaming and rap. Even something like the 02 amp or Atom would be enough to comfortably push the 4XX and give you a big upgrade for little money.
If closed back is not a necessity, the Sennheiser HD58X should be fine! Preferably with a starter amp :)
If you snag the 58X you won't need an amp, and the imaging is great for FPS games. The sound stage is narrow for open backs, that's the only downside.