Massdrop to Mexico and other countries.

I dont know if Massdrop has any plans for expanding to other countries since many of their products are really affordable (and way too good) that I'm willing to buy their drops by a third vendor (like my HD 6XX). I also know that they are some other members of the communities that feel the same, so, even if is temporal i want to know if this is going to keep the same for while or just starting going to USA for being able to "join the drop".

Jul 6, 2019
Hi, one thing you can try is use a third import shipping courier. They receive your products at a US address and take over all the import and customs procedure, it will be expensive but secure if there is a particular product you really want from massdrop. It defeats the massdrop mission though. You might end up paying the same money (no savings) if you bought the official product from Amazon. Frankly I didn't know that massdrop didn't shipt to Mexico, there is no excuses and honestly, I prefer to buy the product from its maker, without chinese low quality build for savings. Hola una cosa que puedes intentar es utilizar un tercer transportista de importacion. Ellos reciben tus productos en una direccion the US, y se encargan de todo el proceso de importacion y aduanas, sera costoso pero seguro si hay un producto en particular que realmente quieres de massdrop Sin embargo, derrota la mision de masdrop. Quiza termines pagando la misma cantidad a que si compraras el producto original (fabricante) desde Amazon. Francamente no sabia que massdrop no enviaba a México, no hay excusas y honestamente si es así prefiero comprar el producto del fabricante, sin piezas chinas y menor calidad de construccion.
May 28, 2021
Well just getting hands on a pair of 6xx outside of massdrop is pretty difficult. Id pay the extra.
Mar 21, 2019
How did you get them?? I've been wanting to get me a pair of those
Mar 28, 2019
Gracias dude!