Dec 10, 201890 views

Echobox Explorer: Save Your Money!

I've tried it, and so have my friends. Universal opinion: save your money! Poorly designed, doesn't work well, looks weird, and doesn't even sound that great. There are far better options out there, even at this price.

Looks like Michael Fisher didn't exactly like it too much either, especially as a streaming music player. Plus wouldn't it be a lot easier to just buy a good portable dac/amp and hook it up to your smartphone instead? Asking more out of curiosity because I'm kinda surprised there's still a niche for these things.
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MQA is simply the oil of a very oily snake, wise to steer clear. Tidal is great :)
Ha! lol
I backed Echobox waaaaay back when they first introduced their Finder through crowdfunding. (I even got the t-shirt to prove it *eyeroll*) Their first two products were the Finder IEM's and the Explorer. The Finders are actually great for individuals just getting into the IEM market. My tastes have since evolved significantly over the past 3 years and no longer find the Finders in my rotation. Sidebar aside, I've always been curious about Echobox's Explorer. They marketed it well as a solid portable DAP and because of it's flask shape, and I being a hobbyist in the fine dram department, the cultural draw of the Explorer has never left me. I've never made the jump to get one for myself because there was always that tiny voice whispering to hold off. I'm glad to receive some community feedback confirming my suspicions.... that it is in fact marketing. That being said, what are some other options for portable DAP's in that $200-$400 price range? The majority of my listening is at the office so I make use of larger headphones DAC's, but I'm always curios to keep up with the portable market.
Yeah, I was disappointed too. Honestly, in the $1-300 price range, I would highly recommend Some: Sony NW-A45/B Walkman with Hi-Res Audio, Grayish Black (2018 Model)
Is that that weird looking music player that looks like a flask? Have you tried put water or booze inside of the thing? I bet it would probably work better as said flask instead of a "high resolution" music player.