Dec 10, 2018

Love this but...

I really like the way a uniball eye writes but I cannot find another pen on the market that writes like it but looks better. I probably haven’t looked hard enough and you guys will instantly give me an obvious suggestion but is there a similarly feeling pen that is in a machined metal shell. Otherwise I might just have to give up and create a new pen brand myself.

I'm assuming this is the regular EYE, not the Micro. Regardless UNI make a labyrinth of refill types. I haven't used convenience store rollerballs in years not to mention UNI, so I can't tell you which UNI refill writes exactly like the EYE, but one of them does for sure. Find the one you want and match it with one of a multitude of machined (or not) pens that take UNI refills. Enjoy the hunt.