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Can we expect/is there interest in chairs other than racing style "gaming" chairs?

I am in the market for a new chair. All of the chairs that I see on this site are the racing style chairs that are marketed towards gamers. From what I have read the quality of these chairs does not match the price point. Would be interested to see Herman Miller, Steel Series or other more traditional style chairs that are good for gaming and long work sessions.
dahoward, Megasworth, and 9 others

Steelcase chair might spend a little more but it will out live you and much more ergonomic and comfortable than these crappy car seat look alike.
Another office kind of chair is the Vertagear triigger gaming series, yes it has gaming in the name but its a lot like the Steelcase... in style and it also takes to the price at $600+
Also I find it funny that amazon has it as "Gaming Series Triigger 275 Ergonomic Office Chair" Vertagear advertises it as a gaming chair yet amazon has "Ergonomic Office Chair"
Dangit why do these chairs have to cost so much! D: