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Feedback on Ferrum Forge gent

Just opened my Ferrum Forge gent. Rarely have I received a new knife product and been this blown away. There is literally nothing I do not like about this knife. The size, sharpness, fit and finish and open and closing. It’s exquisite and the price is phenomenal! I couldn’t be more pleased or recommend it more highly. Wowza! Well done Ferrum Forge, WE and Massdrop. Standing ovations all around. Thanks! mpass
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Here's something I don't like very much about the Gent. When I broke down and ordered it, there was no CF available. So I got the Rosewood. It's actually pretty. I should have had more patience.
I’m not sure if you mean you’re glad you got the rosewood or should waited for the CF. I’ve got a black g-10 I wish was carbon fiber but I also have a rosewood that I think is absolute gorgeous.
Thanks @Mpass glad to hear you were this impressed - thanks for taking the time to post your feedback! It's a great little knife that punches well above its weight class. PS - If you haven't already, post a quick review and/or comment in the Gent discussion where members who are considering whether to purchase this will be most likely to see it.
Thanks gorian for endorsing my review/post. It really is a remarkable product. If you get one I hope you feel the same way. mikepass