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The fashion trend to Damascus has not beaten the TRPG side!

Perhaps the next will be the Corpus of the Smartphone from the Damascus, or Buttons ... But today the Dice from this beautiful and Legendary Blacksmith's Alloy are already available.
And after only 2 months, several dozen Damascus cubes will sound on the tables of various groups of Gamers around the World. What for a set of Damask Dice? Nothing, and at the same time, everything. Because it is a style and respect for principles, it is the realization of oneself through the possession of something valuable. Something unusual can just be those Dice of Darkness. They attract attention and, as their creator, Master MaxGy says, bring good luck!
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gorian2222 and 1 other

Very cool. Have you contacted our team to see if we can do business with you?
No, but kickstarter's backers will receive their X-Pert Dice in 2 weeks, so you can start any negotiations! Regards, MaxGy