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Sound Blasterx G6, good amp/DAC?

Hey all, I recently started to “get into” audio, right now I have the sound blaster E1 and a pair of cloud 2 (apparently they are based off DT770 clones) and was eyeing my next upgrade and the G6 seems like a good choice but its only a couple months old and I can’t find much (or any) discussion on it so wanted to get yall’s input. It’s also got another big feature I’m looking for, Nintendo switch compatibility. Or would y’all recommend something else?

The G6 is a very good entry level DAC. It runs 600ohm just fine. Of course audiophile community will be elitist with this sort of thing, though. Once in a while, and not too often, there is crackling on OSX devices (but never Windows or consoles). Just disconnect and reconnect the device. Pretty sure it outperforms most cheaper DACs. I have 3 of them and am very happy with the purchase.
Probably the wrong community to ask if you're looking for a gaming solution, but in terms of audio quality it's a** (almost anything gaming-related is just garbage compared to similarly priced audiophile gear, but only in sound quality! Gaming gear may have features you want, as mentioned below). Unfortunately, from what I gather from the discussions in the other comments below you're hosed in terms of stuff you can get unless you're okay with separating the mic with the headphone. Also, if you really want the Switch compatibility I'd send a message to Nintendo support. It's worth checking out the Switch manual to see if there's a way to bypass audio through a USB. In regards to portability, are you using a laptop? I know you said portability is important to you.
I am looking for a gaming solution but I didn’t want a gamers perspective. It’s a dac that I would use a variety of places. It would be better than my desktop’s audio, which produces a lot of noise when silent, but I plan to get a desktop solution later. My work laptop, which is a work laptop. And my phones that I stream off of. I decided on the dragonfly black 1.5. Small enough to leave in my backpack or pocket, good enough to still have a use if I get a larger dac, and cheap enough that I’m comfortable buying it even if it’s a bit of a compromise. Edit: fixed typos, also needed on my iPad Pro 11, cause if apple is making me bring my own dac, is not gonna be theirs.
People have had some noise artifacts, and popping with the G6...and creatives support is questionable. Also, the HyperX Cloud 2 is based off of a Takstar Pro 80, and honestly with those you have no need for an amp. A good rule of thumb is not to buy audio equipment from a gaming company if you can get something from an audio company that's within your budget. A Dragonfly red or black is a great portable option that's super portable and powered by the Switch itself. You'd just need a cable to adapt the USB A on the Dragonfly to USB C which is used on the Switch.
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Portability is important. I’m either dealing with enterprise equipments with soundcards so awful I’d say “there’s a problem with it”, and on the other end is modern tech with no audio interface. I do have the hyperX 7.1 adapter but it was always kinda noisy when silent, or even make the headphone output noisy itself even when plugged into a separate interface. maybe there’s something I can do to clean up the audio on that adapter? Honestly the noise I got from that adapter is what started my search for better audio.
You can try this little guy for $20, you'll need the USB C adapter though. Your options are limited for stuff like this, as a lot of them require drivers.
The G6 is meant for modified sound, if you want to try out something different at that price point, "audiophile", the Aune T1 is dropping now; just get a nice NOS tube. Next perhaps: