PC37X Channels not working

So i got the PC37X for my B-day and they worked completely fine. it was only until today (21/12/18) that they seemed to have some problems. i was listening to music, and unplugged my headset to do something (i didn't pause the music). when i plugged the jack back into the headset, sound only came from the right ear. with a bit of fiddling i managed to get it to come out of both ears, but it was only the left channel. any sound from the right was unheard and any sound from the left was played in both ears. the jack seems completely fine with no bends or anything. I've checked through all the "sounds" settings, unplugged and re-plugged from either end of the cable, restarted my PC multiple times, re-installed the drivers. i haven't got any other device to plug them into because phones don't come with jacks anymore for some reason. I've scoured plentiful forums searching for answers and most of them say it could be a problem with the cable, but to think that my somewhat new headset has a cable so weak that it breaks by simply unplugging it seems illogical. any thoughts? i haven't got money to spend either.
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Dec 25, 2018
ive fixed this now. the jack going into my pc wasnt in far enough :/ im stupid