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Interest Check: Bags

Hey there everyone, We want to know what bags all of you are into, be it duffle, sachel, messenger, weekender, waist pack or whatever have you. We already source a variety of brands and types of bags, but are always looking to stay in tune with the interests of the community. Here are some questions to help inspire your opinions and ideas.
· What do you look for in a bag?
· Do you use a waist pack (fanny pack)?
· What styles do you prefer, for which activities?
· Are there particular bag types you use the most?
· Are there particular brands you like? Your suggestions and feedback are taken into account when we look for products to put on the site so tell us what you like, what you don’t like and any preferences you have in between.

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Force Angle, Marcusss, and 18 others

I've been looking for a great sling bag that still has quite a bit of space, and a second/side strap that clicks to the main strap. Something like the 5.11Tactical Select Carry Sling Pack!
I've been looking for a great garment bag weekender. The offering from Hook & Albert is intriguing but also expensive enough that I'm hesitant to pull the trigger without seeing it.
messengers bag that is elegant and minimalistic
A vertical bag, with two large outside water bottle pockets. Outside pockets should be large enough and high enough for a large Swell bottle to be secure. Wide strap with cushioned pad.
I'd love to see the Filson 24 hour tin cloth briefcase. Virtually any trip can be accommodated with some combination of the following: large soft roller duffel, medium soft "weekender" duffel, rigid carry-on roller & soft briefcase sized for a 15" laptop. Currently all I'm missing is the briefcase.
I want a classy weekender, rugged enough for when I might need to check it in, and also with a way to customise it with a logo or other detail to make it my own and make it easy to spot on a carousel. Love leather, but good canvas might cut it with me. Oh, and external pockets to allow easy access to the wash-kit and tablet or laptop at Security.
In all honestly I want to find a bag that could be "zombie proof" or just something that can survive a trip through the airport. Alot of the bags that I have seen can't hold up for more then a year or two.
I really love the look of the Aer bags, (Fit pack, Duffel Pack, etc) and they have a lot of functionality.
I’m currently looking for a small durable bag for everyday daily carry so it doesn't have to be in my pockets and a good, big sports bag with at least one big compartment and two side compartments.
Goruck Goruck Goruck! Living in Australia Massdrop is one of few ways we can get products from overseas that aren't available to us over here. Goruck bags are a prime example of this and I would jump on any opportunity to get one. (GR1 in particular)
Weekender and backpack
Quality canvas backpack (i.e., hardier than Herschel) with leather and steel fittings that doesn't cost $300 would be great.
I love sling packs, waist packs, anything that can help me unobtrusively organize my edc. Indeed, I'm actually looking for the perfect "man bag".
Love the Crumpler and Shinola style of messenger/laptop style of over the shoulder bags. Looking for that professional / urban vibe that is functional and but not too cool for school.
I really like the bags made by Topo designs. This one in particular is my favorite.
I just got a new laptop bag I'm in love with. But I'm a sucker for hybrid backpack/messenger bags if they are designed well. Weekender or carry-on luggage designs appeal to me. I would put down good money for a lightweight durable suit bag.
Can I see it? I am thinking I need a laptop-specific option in my arsenal.. Always toting big backpacks.. not always necessary. Want to be more nimble sometimes.
The one I have now is an Använda. I got one from their recent kickstarter. The key feature of this bag is minimalist versatility. I find I prefer a bag that can be what I need it to be at the moment more highly than durability or even security. This bag is durable and has few enough pockets that it can be secured. However if you really want rough and tumble minimalist I'd still go with GoRuck.

I would be interested in something simple for carrying my laptop/docs to and from the office.
This 👆
Anything from Seil Marschall of Germany would be great. Super well made and vintage-y - similar to Filson but higher end. And their international shipping is not well organized. They may welcome a deal if it means one large shipment to the states instead of many small residential parcels.
I would like a bum bag/tactical bag to bring with me to outdoor activities and festivals but not too complex looking but also hard to steal from :)
Bag would be my #1 interest as a category. For hike, travel and EDC, I do all three regularly. -I look for quality build (1000d fabric and waterproof laminates), organization (context pockets or add on accessories... Molle straps never hurt!) and purposeful design (tough fabric and Warrenty for rucking, lightweight and wicking for day hikes). NO WAIST PACKS- but an urban edc sling is acceptable.
  • types of bags- heavy duty ballistic nylon for rucking. Waxed Canvas or lightweight technical fabric for EDC . Types used; messenger bag, sling, ruck pack, mil-spec three day pack
  • Brands: GoRuck, Triple Aught, Mystery Ranch, Kifaru, Chrome
· What do you look for in a bag? Decent solid material and finish + practicality (good sized conpartments and discreet pockets). I usually prefer a clean subtle look. · Do you use a waist pack (fanny pack)? Nopes · What styles do you prefer, for which activities? Backpack for work bag as can fit in more stuff and easier to carry around (not as much strain as a messenger bag if you carry heavy items) · Are there particular bag types you use the most? Right now using one of those anti-theft business backpacks for work. Fits in my laptops and work essentials well. · Are there particular brands you like? Not really. I go for my criterias first before looki g at the brand.
Grey Ghost Gear Wanderer is the perfect EDC bag for most, even if you don't carry a gun.
· What do you look for in a bag? Durability, flexibility and to be comfortable. Enough space for a 10" surface, few cables, a book and a notebook. · Do you use a waist pack (fanny pack)? No. · What styles do you prefer, for which activities? · Are there particular bag types you use the most? I usually carry a Thule Lithos 16L with me, everywhere. Looking for something more handy and elegant for my EDC. · Are there particular brands you like? Not that I can remember.
In my opinion a drop for the MOS Blackpack would be nice. But it would have to include global shipping as the reason I didn't buy one already is that thex don't offer it themselves at MOS.
Would love to see a high quality gym bag (odour proof, separate shoe area, compact, stylish, clean vs dirty clothes separation, etc.)
I would really like to pick up a high quality weekender at some point. Mine works but is made of pretty plain materials and is nearly 15 years old.
I like a satchel, not too big, with lots of pockets.. OK it is a man-bag.
I'm looking for a backpack or messenger style that can fit it ALL. I work mobile and get around on a bike or scooter, so I need it durable and waterproof. Must fit 15" laptop, iPad, notebooks, chargers, jacket...the usual. · What do you look for in a bag? Leather or durable canvas. Lots of pockets, zippers, metal hooks for hanging items from, water bottle holder, comfort. · Do you use a waist pack (fanny pack)? I prefer to call it a side satchel. · Are there particular brands you like? I've been using an Osprey backpack which has been awesome. Just want to get away from the "ready to go camping" look.
I've been using a Soviet surplus GP-5 carrying satchel, one of those that was mass produced of canvas and issued to citizens in fear of a gas attack or whatever. It's old and it's cheaply made, but it's been holding up well enough and carries what little I need it to. If I see something similarly built, small, with a long over-the-shoulder strap that allows you to carry it at the hip, I'd highly consider investing in it, whatever the price. Something made of leather, or in some psuedomilitary fashion that'd fit well with the rest of my outfit. I usually only need it to carry small EDC items that wouldn't otherwise fit in my (tiny) pockets, so a compact and lightweight build is necessary for me. No hulking messenger bags for this lil' birdie.