Headphones like the audeze lcd2 but more lighter??

So i just went to my local store and tried the audeze lcd2 and I really liked it. However the huge turn off for me was that it was really heavy. I usually use my headphones ALOT and after using the LCD2 for a few like 10-15 minutes my neck was starting to sore. Unless I start taking roids and doing neck exercises, until I get my neck gains I won't see myself getting this. So are there any headphones that sound like the LCD2 but lighter or atleast with either a V shaped, warm sound signature with medium soundstage and imaging for when I want to have fun gaming (not competitive gaming so soundstage would not be my top priority)? It can be either open or closed headphones which I plan to use with the massdrop THX linear AMP along with the SMSL SU-8 DAC. Also I listen to mainly modern music with the likes of hip-hop,a few edm, rock,metal,jazz,funk. My budget is 1500$

Dec 24, 2018
I own 7 headphones- Sennheiser 598, Akg 702 (made in Austria), Master & Dynamic mh 40, Thinksound ON2, Monster ?, Kinder(from Amazon), Cleer Audio wireless. They all have a different purpose. If I had to pick one, being environmentally sensitive, it would be a toss up between the Thinksound (made from recycled plastic & sustainable wood cups) & and the Master & Dynamic ( no plastic to be found here). Both are spectacular with iDevices. Audio junky
Dec 23, 2018
You could also try just getting used to the weight. My LCD-3 was very uncomfortable before I got used to it (and this was with the old headband. I since got the new suspension ones). See what the return policy is at your dealer. If the weight is still not to your liking, but you want the warm signature I'd suggest the MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open (can be too warm with the wrong amps). The Ether Flows are more balanced but also more treble-heavy. Hifiman can have some interesting options, but personally I get turned off by their timbre.
Dec 24, 2018
  1. If possible, go audition some Hifiman cans. One person's opinion (especially mine) should not be taken at face value, especially on something as subjective as audio.
  2. Yes, when I say I "got used to it," I mean that the weight no longer bothers me. I used to think they sat pretty heavy on the head (caused the top of my head to hurt, especially with the old-style headband). After about a week of use the weight no longer bothers me (for reference, I'm a pretty tall, slender guy with some background in athletics), but I recognize that this might be a real issue for some. The LCD-3 is just not going to be as comfortable as a pair of well-broken-in Sennheiser HD6XX.
  3. Again, if possible go audition the MrSpeakers cans. Every MrSpeakers can I've tried has a different sound signature (but still share the same house sound, at least in timbre). In general I find the closed models to be more analytical, and the open models to be more musical (I prefer the open ones). I agree with the reviewers here; the open cans appear to sound like they have more bass in extension and quantity.
Dec 24, 2018
thx for the insight. I will be going to my local store and trying out the Hifiman X V2, ananda, focal clear, the ZMF line up and Mr speaker aeon closed and open. I MIGHT end up going back to the LCD2, cause I just used it for less than 15 minutes. If I use it more longer I will see if I still notice the weight. Edit= Also forgot to say I will try out the oppo PM1
Dec 22, 2018
Maybe LCD-2C, but I'm guessing people will prob recommend some type of Hifiman or Mr. Speakers for that price range. Although LCD-2C are lighter, they are still on the heavy side.