What is the best amp/dac combo and speaker to pair with the k702?

So im using the k702 for gaming and listening to music, I've been told that the schiit modi and magni are the best combo for 200$. While the other people told me to get JDS Lab atom and JDS OL Dac. My budget is 220 for the dac/amp and the budget is also 220 for the speakers. I'm thinking of getting the JDS LSR 305 for the speakers. What are good speakers and amp/dac combos that are good in the 220 range?

Dec 24, 2018
What's your source? You may not need to worry about a DAC right away. It sounds like what you're looking for is an integrated amplifier, you could blow the entire amp budget on something like the Emotiva BassX A-100 at $240, if you have a clean source. Or go to something like the $150 Topping MX3 on the cheaper side that also has DAC. I know the Elac Debut B5 are very well regarded...not sure how well the B6 stacks up, as are the Klipsch R-15M, and the Fluance Signature Series. The JBL's you mentioned are powered, and would require an amplifier with pre amp capability, like the Liquid Spark, or Magni 3 in order to control the volume. Also the 305P's are going to run you close to $250 for the pair.
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