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Does the Sennheiser Game Zero necessarily need an amp and/or dac to fully function?

Im just wondering cause I need something portable for LAN events that doesnt need an amp or dac. Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays.

Researching online, I found that the Game zero has a 50 ohm impedance while the older G4me zero has a 150 ohm resistance. 50 ohms is not that much to power. The amp/dac will help you in 2 major ways. It will give you that little extra power and it will clear up the audio clarity/quality. The thing about using a dac/amp, is that the computer at LAN might need to have software installed for the audio equipment to work (my Micca OriGen G2 needs driver software). Audio equipment takes the audio signal from an optical or USB output and really cleans it up.
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I do not own the game zeros so I can't say anything about them. I would recommend watching some YouTube videos about them.
Thanks again