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Shipping to Vietnam

I find that most of the items listed on the site is not shipped Vietnam. Is there anway we can make this possible ?
Harrycan, le2uangtu, and 8 others

Have you tried this website? It is well spoken of on I love my earphones from this store. They shipped rather quickly from Hong Kong to US in a little less than two weeks in nice packaging and the price was reasonable. Here is the link to them: Here is a link to some nice Music players Does this help?
Just use a reshipping service. This is the standard approach used by people to get Massdrop items out to lots of places in Asia.
Just Google "US reshipper" or check forums in your home country for recommendations.
I have same idea, we're next to Thailand (supported by Massdrop) and our community wants to buy so many products on this site. So please help to include Vietnam into the list