HE560 or T60rp?

Been wanting to try out a pair of planars for awhile. Currently have the 6xx and wasnt too satisfied with the sound I get. They sound too laid back to me. Not very detailed (to me). I thought I’d be wow’ed by the hd6xx but no. It is good but not very impactful. After a bit of research I’ve come down to these 2, hifiman he560 and Fostex t60rp. I can get them at pretty much the same price. Heard the argons are good but the waiting time is crazy. Looking forward to your kind replies. Thankss! 🙂

Dec 29, 2018
T60rp better than 560, especially considering quality control.
Dec 28, 2018
I've yet to hear either the HE560 or T60RP, but Fostex is good for making non-laid back headphones... both planar and dynamic. They all have some focused character to them. For any planar you will need proper amplification (high current, warm amp) to be able to hear what they really sound like, will come off flat sounding if not powered right. An amp where the maximum power output is several watts and focused between 50 and 100 ohms will usually let you know it was designed around specifically driving planars. Of all the planars I've heard so far, the Argon Mk3 is the only one I REALLY like because it is the least planar like in sound, more along the lines of a very good warm, punchy dynamic headphone combined with planar technical ability. Most planars are too flat/sterile sounding for my taste which is why I prefer dynamics and electrostats over planars.
Dec 27, 2018
Try the planar sound. Is it perfect for everyone? No. But no sound is. Hifiman is loved by many and hated by a few. I would highly recommend them based on my experience with the 400i, which I feel renders my Sennheiser Jubilee HD58X obsolete (when properly amplified).