Dec 25, 2018

Best pc rn

What’s the best pc parts to start my build. Looking for great graphics and nice flow of game quality.

Honestly it really does depend on what you want in your pc Intel or Amd make a big difference. But if you are willing to spend more money I would suggest Intel, but AMD is a good brand for budget. But the thing you really need to invest into your pc is the GPU. If you are just looking to play games like League, fortnite, CSGO, Than you don't need anything more powerful than a 1070, but if you are really looking for realistic graphics in games like Cod Bo4 and looking to max settings go for the 1080-2080, but if on a budget the best GPU in my experience is the 1050ti. It is very reliable, and not bad. Currently I am running a 1080 in Gaming PC, and 1070 in school/streaming PC, but it is entirely up to you on what you want for your PC and how much you are willing to spend.
Im willing to go for around 2,000-4,000. I heard intels great but im hearing bix mixed views on it all!
Make sure to be more specific. What's your budget? AMD or Nvidia GPU's? AMD or Intel processor?