Dec 26, 2018

where is the shopping basket?

I* just joined Massdrop and am trying to look at items to buy. I have no intention of buying an item before looking at another, so why is there no shopping basket that I can save items to? Why can't you save this question to EVERY community? Saving just to one community is also almost useless.

What gavainm said. Massdrop is about shopping with the masses and jumping on a short deal while supplies last and not online shopping where you can keep an item in a shopping cart for purchase later as these drops are typically less than a week
The site is basically a collective purchasing tool which allows strangers to combine their interests for bulk discounts. It's not a retail site like or amazon. Each drop is with a specific vendor or manufacturer. The products ship from them, not from Massdrop (most of the time). The platform works really well and you can save significant money here. You do need to know what you want though. It's not really built for comparison shopping.